We help clients who have life insurance policies they no longer really need achieve maximum cash value. Our clients include individuals, business owners, trusts and non-profit organizations. Instead of letting their life insurance policies lapse or selling them back to the insurance company for a predetermined cash value, our clients are able to receive a lump-sum cash payment for their policy.

Once we obtain essential information from a client, VSPI "shops" the policy among a large variety of financial institutions that purchase life insurance policies. This method ensures clients get the benefit of knowing their policy is being reviewed by a number of qualified companies - creating competition and the best opportunity for a good offer. Once a company purchases the policy, it takes over the premium payments.

Does it take experience and knowledge to obtain maximum cash for clients? You better believe it!  Don't go it alone.

VSPI has been working in life settlement brokerage since 1998.  In fact, we're considered to be one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the nation for life settlements. Importantly, through the years we've gained a reputation for integrity, competency and professionalism second to none. VSPI and Stephen M. Watson are  authorized to handle life insurance settlements in nearly all states and bring knowledge and deep insights into the life settlement arena.

VSPI brings benefits to life. Use the funds you receive from the sale of your life insurance policy to pay for medical expenses, travel, a second home, a boat, or whatever your desire. You may be pleasantly surprised just how much cash your policy is worth.