We have assembled the following articles to provide more information on life settlements. They contain valuable information about the process and benefits of life settlements.

1. What is a Life Settlement? 

Life Settlements are a financial transaction. Life Settlements allow policy owners to sell an unneeded life insurance policy to an institutional funding source for more than the policy owner would receive by cashing in the policy. The seller walks away with cash, which can be used for any purpose. Meanwhile, the buyer takes over the premium payment obligations and records its name as new owner and beneficiary of the policy...Full Article

2. Life Settlements for Businesses

Today there is a service that takes advantage of the little-known fact that life insurance policies, like most any other valuable asset, can be sold. This comes as good news to businesses that otherwise simply don't need these policies any more...Full Article

3. Think Before Donating that Policy to Charity

Wealthy seniors sometimes wish to donate a large life insurance policy to their favorite charitable organization. They do this:
  • To receive a deduction on their income tax return for the amount of the cash value of the policy; and
  • To reduce the size of their gross estate for federal estate taxation purposes. 
...Full Article